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A Girl With Hole

Jodhpur, 7 March 2023 23.35 PM

In the middle of the night, that girl cried

Without tears, without making any voices …

She feels unhappy

Carrying big hole in her heart…

One day someone pat her shoulder

She met the sun

With sewing kit in it’s hands

They were laughing and making jokes all the day…

Oh, what a pleasure time..

But then the girl awaked

She knows the sun will be replaced by the moon

In the afternoon the girl were crying

Doesn’t want to be apart from the sun

The cracks comes, the girl hurts

The night rises, the moon is bright

“Thank you” said the girl with holes

She sat and looked at the sky

She was sewing her hole

While the sun shining in it’s place,

The girl using small flash to give light for herself

But she known one thing

She is waiting for morning and the sun come

This poetry is for Lee Nana or a gift from Allah and all stories that we have made in Jodhpur. Just, wait until we can meet each other again, the most valuable person for me. I’m leaving

PS : Feel free to discuss about the grammar and words, nobody’s perfect, perfectness comes from Allah

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